Are You Worried About Your Financial Security in this Turbulent Economy?

Learn the Secret to Achieving Financial Freedom, Once and For All, and You'll Never Have to Worry About Money Again!

If you're worried about the state of the economy, you're definitely not alone. It seems like every day we're hearing more and more reports of how bad things are, and how they're going to get worse before they get better; that we haven't hit the bottom yet. It's no wonder people are worried.

Most of us are simply unprepared for situations like this. So when problems like these arise, it catches most of us off guard.

Let Me Ask You A Question...
Will You Survive... Or Will You Be Eaten Alive?

Chances are, if you're like most of us, you weren't prepared for situations like we're experiencing right now with the economy. It's turned everything, and everyone upside down.

But it's not your fault. It's how most of us are taught to think. From adolescence, we're told to get a good education, so we can get a good job. Then we're told to invest in a safe and secure retirement plan like a 401K, or IRA. We're told to buy a house, because "it's the best investment".

The trouble is, that system doesn't work anymore. Turn on the radio or T.V. and you'll hear thousands of stories of people who did exactly what they were supposed to, and still lost everything. Even the most conservative and organized investors have lost everything. The state of the current economy has proven, without a doubt, the old way of thinking just won't cut it anymore!

What you need is a new approach. A solution based on proven strategies and real results. Something that will ignite your own ability to create wealth and a create a secure financial future, right?

Well, I've got great news for you. The solution to permanent financial independence is available, and it's easier than you may think. The answer to all of your financial woes is available inside the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside.

Finally, an Easy Solution That Literally Anyone Can Use To Create Wealth and Real Financial Security In These Trying Economic Times

If you're worried about the economy, then what you're about to read will change everything. No matter what your current situation, even if you've lost everything, this comprehensive guide and the plan it reveals will put you in control of your financial future.

Are You stuck In A Financial Rut Because of the Economy?

Let me show you how to become unimaginably wealthy, and stay that way.

The truth is, there is an exact formula for creating financial freedom, regardless of the economy, and although few people know it, the ones who do are able to generate millions of dollars in income, time and time again!


I know the secret to creating wealth,
and I'm willing to share it with you!

Invest just 10 minutes of your valuable time reading this letter, and I'll not only reveal my secret, I'll show you how you can get over $250 worth of wealth-building materials absolutely FREE!

From: Paul McCormick, The Millionaire Mentor™

Dear Millionaire in the Making,

Paul McCormick, The Millionaire MentorLet me ask you a question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your confidence in the economy right now? I don't mean globally either, I'm talking about how the economy is affecting your personal situation.

If you didn't give yourself a 10, then I suggest you grab a copy of my best selling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside.

Secrets of the Millionaire Inside is a breakthrough guide to creating a life of complete financial freedom. It's based on a proven, step-by-step formula that most millionaires already know and use to promise a secure financial future in any economy.

Does the fear of your financial future have you losing sleep? Let me show you how to stop worrying, and make money WHILE you sleep instead!

Take It From Someone Who Has Gone From Eating
Cereal With Water To Dining In 5-Star Restaurants...

...Becoming Wealthy Is Something Anyone Can Do.

I haven't always been wealthy. In fact, there was a time in my life when the exact opposite was true. At one point, I was so poor that I had to eat cereal with water because I didn't even have enough money to buy milk.

The truth is, I didn't inherit a fortune, or even have a great idea that I sold to Google for millions of dollars. I've earned every dollar I've ever made.

Early in life, I thought that a good education was the secret to financial success. After all, with a good education, I would be able to get a great job, and earn lots of money right? Wrong!

I was a good student in high school and put myself through college working odd jobs.  I graduated with an engineering degree, and set out to make my fortune. I got a job with at an engineering firm, and bought my first house.

Soon I found out I was just as stressed about money as I had ever been before, in fact even more so.  Here I was, a college graduate with a great engineering job, but driving around a 24 year old Toyota with a spare carburetor in the trunk because my car kept breaking down. And I was just barely paying my bills, with no cable tv, no computer, no internet, no freezer, and not a stick of new furniture. 

Despite doing everything I was told about being successful, I still struggled financially. I wasn’t feeling very wealthy.

That's when I realized that what I was doing to make money wasn't working. I was able to survive, even get a little ahead, but I wanted more than just survival.


Joe Vitale  

"Wow!  This is THE best book on opening your eyes to how your thinking leads to your wealth – or lack of it. 
Read this one NOW – and get rich!"

Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret, and Best selling Author of
The Attractor Factor


Let Me Show You Why "The Dream"
of Being Rich Eludes So Many...

Long before the economy took a turn for the worst, I realized that the people who were really wealthy knew something I didn't. And I desperately wanted to know their secret.

I made it my mission to learn everything I could about Millionaires. Their habits, their routines, even their thoughts.

I began studying them, watching their every move with intense interest.

Over that time, I had the privilege of working along side dozens and eventually hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires. And I discovered something amazing about these people. They know a secret to getting rich and it’s not what you think, they all follow a way of thinking and behaving in a completely different way than everyone else, in fact it’s opposite of everyone else.

What happened as a result of my time with those "wealth mentors" was something that changed my life forever. I discovered that my thinking, not my ability or my actions were to blame for my moderate success.

After several years of working with literally hundreds of other multi-millionaires, I discovered a common pattern between them all. In spite of their differences, they all possessed many of the same characteristics.

I took everything I learned from my time with them, and put it all together into what I call my 7-Step Formula For Becoming A Millionaire.

I immediately began using the Formula in my own life at the age of 24 and instantly, I began getting raises and promotions. Within 3 years, at the age of 27, I became the owner of the multi million dollar company where I worked, and then just 2 years later, I became the CEO.

Since then, I've gone on to have even more success and eventually walked away from that career while still in my 30’s. Now I speak and write sharing these principles with others just like you. And, I continue to use this formula in my own life with unbelievable results year after year.  It just keeps getting better and better.

I wrote this book, not because I needed to in order to make money, but because I wanted to. I have a passion for helping people make their lives better and live up to their full potential. This book is a way for me to share my knowledge and experiences in a massive way.

I've Created 3 Special Reports That Show You Exactly How Your Thinking Affects Your Wealth, and Right Now, You Can Get All 3 Reports Abolutely FREE!

3 Free Reports

All you have to do is visit my main website at: and click on the Free Reports link, and they're all yours, absolutely free. If you haven't gotten these reports yet, go there now. What you learn will be nothing short of shocking!

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Dr. Ivan Misner  

"Paul McCormick’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire
, shows not only how to develop financial freedom, but also shows how to change your thoughts and actions to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having.  By implementing the techniques outlined in this book, you are taking the purposeful, proven steps that lead to a life of fulfillment and wealth."

-Ivan Misner
NY Times Best selling author and Founder of BNI


You See, Like Me, The Way You Think About Money
May Actually Be Keeping You From It.

The first step in becoming wealthy is to change your way of thinking. You need to forget everything you've ever been taught about money. Not just how to make it, but even how you look at money itself.

Many people believe that wanting money is greedy or selfish. In fact, the opposite is true. Having money and wealth is actually one of the most unselfish things you can do.

When you have money, you are able to spend money. And when you spend money, you're fueling the entire economic system. You can even hire people to work for you, providing them jobs and the opportunity to make money too.

So, when people tell me they don't want any more money, my response is always the same. "I don't believe you."

"The awesome power of the formula is that if you follow it,
everyone is successful, and no one is slighted."

But having money is one thing. Being financially free is something entirely different.


Terry Tillman  

"When I first saw Paul’s book I thought, “Oh no, another book about how to make money...” Wrong! Secrets of the Millionaire Inside is about much more than money. It’s about abundance, riches, wealth and happiness--inside and out. There are some brilliant insights in this book, presented in ways that grabbed my attention. I saw some simple little twists and changes I can make in my thinking and actions that have already begun producing good results, much easier than my previous approaches. Many have said, “Do what you love and love what you do...” and “Do what you love and the money will follow...” Paul shows us the formula and action steps for realizing these truths."

-Terry Tillman
Inspirational Teacher, Speaker


Are You Financially Free?

If you have a job and don't get paid unless you work, then you are not financially free.  But that's all about to change once you've learned my formula for becoming a millionaire.

I want to show you how to become financially free, making millions and millions of dollars, doing what you love to do. 

That’s right, getting people to pay you millions of dollars for what you already love to do. The things you’d do even if no one paid you.  My system isn't based on any particular business. It's based on you!

I’ll show you how a woman who loves to shop turned her love of shopping into a multimillion dollar career.  I’ll show you a couple who love working with horses as a hobby, and turned their passion into an international multimillion dollar business. I’ll show you people who love to fish or love so sing who turned their passion into a multimillion dollar business. And they all do it by using this exact formula for millions.

Wouldn't you like to do the same?

Learning this Formula can give YOU real financial freedom! It's about what you can learn... and who you can become... by learning directly from someone who's already done it, and more specifically HOW I've done it.


Peggy McColl  

"Paul's book shows the outward process of building wealth while at the same time shows the inner journey of thinking from a place of abundance, freedom, and joy.  If you want to discover how to be happy on the inside and incredibly wealthy on the outside then read this book."

-Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch


Announcing A Simple, 7-Step Formula For Creating Massive Wealth And Permanent Financial Freedom, In Any Economy!

Secrets of the Millionaire InsideWith the worst recession since the Great Depression, there's never been a better or more appropriate time to invest in your own future. It's become clear that depending on others to provide you with income is a risky proposition. There is no such thing as job security in an economy like this.

It's more important than ever to have a real plan for creating a secure future for you and your family.

Inside Secrets of the Millionaire Inside, you'll find a wealth of information, guidance and tools to help you create your own plan. A plan designed around you, your lifestyle, your desires, and most importantly, your financial future.


I'll Show You How To Make More Money In One Night, While You Sleep, Than Most People Make In a Week Working Overtime.

I Do...And So Can You!

First, let me be very clear. This formula is not a get rich scheme and it does not happen overnight. But ask yourself where were you three years ago?  Are any richer now? Do you have more free time? Are you happier?

If you continue doing the exact same things you are doing now do you think you will be any richer in three years from now?  Will you have more available free time? Will you be any happier?

Most people feel they have less money now than three years ago with less available free time and are generally more stressed.  Chances are if you keep doing exactly what you are doing right now then in three years you will still feel you have no money and no available free time.

I can help you break that cycle. I turned my life around in three years, going from being broke to the owner of a multimillion dollar company, traveling, taking time off, and eventually walking away from my career entirely while I was still in my thirties. You can do it too.

This formula is not a magic pill to make you rich overnight, but with a little effort, in a very short time you can make yourself into a millionaire, become financially free, and say goodbye to that job forever.


Are You Ready To Leave the 9 to 5 Grind Behind?
The Secret To Financial Freedom Starts Here!

Secrets of the Millionaire Inside reveals the exact formula one step at a time: What you should do to get rich, where to start, how to create your own personal bailout plan. You'll learn how to think like a millionaire, how to act like a millionaire, and how to become a millionaire in 36 months or less.


It’s a step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand, timeless Formula that you MUST put to use if you want to become wealthy...and stay that way.  And It’s a complete system where a lot of other books and programs often fall short.

It's easy to see how this book can trigger your new beginning!

Here's Just A Small Taste of What You'll Learn From Secrets of the Millionaire Inside:

  • How to think like a millionaire
  • How to see the world as full of possibilities & opportunity
  • How to create more free time
  • How to turn dreams and imagination into reality
  • How to create action plans that work
  • How to create money with only your thoughts
  • How to get richer and richer with more and more free time.


John Carpenter Dealey  

"Whether you work for minimum wage or are a wealthy CEO, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside challenges you to push your limits to become wealthy and free beyond limit.  This is the formula for success that all of the greatest people throughout history have used to achieve greatness.  It's all here in this simple to follow 7-step formula."

-John Carpenter Dealey
Philanthropist, author, and founder of


What if you could start making millions
today - would you want to know how?

Of course you would.

Well, that's exactly what I reveal inside Secrets of the Millionaire Inside. It's a literal blueprint for wealth. And anyone can succeed with this 7-step formula. Dozens already have, and you can too.

Inside the book, I share inspiring, real-life stories of people who have used the very same system I show you to create the life of their dreams. They've been able to create profitable businesses around their lives, and what they love to do. And those businesses earn them millions of dollars a year, and the lifestyles that only wealth can provide.

Inside Secrets of the Millionaire Inside, I reveal:

  • How a woman turned her love of shopping into a seven-figure income, charging her clients in excess of $10,000 per day, just to take them shopping, and people lined up to pay her.

  • How another couple turned their love of riding horses into an International, multi-million dollar business.

You'll learn, not only what they did to create million+ businesses, but also WHAT they did to get there. This book is filled with real, practical information anyone can use.

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Dr. Pat Baccili  

"There are many books out there that claim to provide you with the secret key to wealth and happiness, but few deliver, until now.  Secrets of the Millionaire Inside is like the gift that keeps giving. Paul McCormick has delivered an approach that will change your life for good.   Unlike the many books out there, Secrets delivers and invites you to step into the world of unlimited possibilities every day.  Secrets is about empowerment, knowledge, and manifestation. Get ready to receive unlimited wealth and abundance now."

-Dr. Pat Baccili
The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By


How Do You Know If This Program Is For You?

I realize you may be skeptical. With all the programs, books, and seminars out there promising to show you how to become rich, how do you know this one really works, or whether it will work for you?

Hey, I get it.

The thing is, failure to take any action is what keeps most people from reaching any of your goals. It's simple, if you do nothing, you get nothing in return.

Where will you be in 3 years? Will you be in the exact same place you are today? Earning the same amount of money, working at the same job?

The reason I ask is because, when you learn the Formula For Becoming a Millionaire, in that same period of time, you could be earning millions of dollars!

I'm 100% confident that this formula will work for ANYONE who is willing to commit to becoming rich, keep an open mind about the future, and follow my plan.

But I realize you may still be skeptical.

So, I'm going to make it easy for you to make the decision that will change your life forever. I'm going to make you an offer you'd be crazy to turn down.

Get Over $250.00 Worth Of Bonus Materials FREE!

I also understand that there's a big difference between knowing what to do and knowing how to do it. That's why I've created a very special package, exclusively for those people who are ready to commit to becoming a millionaire today. I call it the Personal Stimulus Program. It's your key to becoming financially free, even in the recession.

When you order my eBook, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside today, I'll include over $250.00 worth of free bonus materials, all designed to show you how to put my formula for becoming rich into action. It contains everything you need to become wealthy. You'll learn all the tips, techniques and strategies I've used to create my own personal fortune, and expert guidance on how to implement the same strategies in your own life.

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When you order Secrets of the Millionaire Inside today, you'll receive all this:

Secrets of the Millionaire Inside  

Secrets of the Millionaire Inside eBook - The Ultimate Guide to Personal and Financial Freedom Starting Today!

This eBook is the cornerstone of my millionaire-making formula, and the pages are filled with real-life tools, tips and strategies for creating your own million-dollar business that revolves around YOU, instead of the other way around. This is information anyone wanting to break free from the 9to5 grind, and depending on other people for their income absolutely must know, and you get immediate access to every shred of information.

Plus, I'll include all of the following valuable bonus materials at NO additional charge.

The Formula For Becoming a Millionaire - Deluxe Audio Download (A $25.99 Value)

Get an inside, in-depth look at the exact formula for creating wealth and prosperity. This audio program reveals the real strategies that produce results, and how to evaluate new opportunities to ensure you pick a winner. Learn the same powerful strategies that top business people use to evaluate opportunities, and make massive amounts of money.  These CDs reveal the last 5 steps of the 7-Step Formula For Becoming A Millionaire.

Track 1 – An Introduction to the Formula

Track 2 – Transforming Ideas Into Millions of Dollars

Track 3 – Million Dollar Business Strategies

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Deluxe Audio Download
(A $25.99 Value)

Take a look inside the world of creating wealth and learn the vital information you need to set your course for becoming rich with the simple, easy-to-follow introduction. Join your host, Paul McCormick, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Inside as he shares his most insightful secrets to creating and maintaining massive wealth and prosperity.

Track 1- An Introduction to The Millionaire Mind

Track 2 – Busting the Money Myths

Track 3 – Steps 1 and 2 of the 7-Step Formula For Becoming A Millionaire

Businesses That can Make You Millions

Businesses That Can Make You Millions eBook - Tips From a Wealthy Entrepreneur On How To Make BIG Money, In Any Economy (A $9.99 Value)

Jump-start your success with this powerful and functional eBook. Inside, Paul shows you how to avoid the pitfalls that plague most new businesses, and identify the most profitable and prosperous business opportunities to turn on your personal wealth-building machine ...instantly!

Busting Those Money Myths

Busting Those Money Myths eBook - The 10 Big Lies That Keep Us Poor, and the Truths That Will Make You Rich!
(A $9.99 Value)

The way you think about money, and the rules you follow for creating wealth may be keeping you from having any. Learn which myths about money are holding you back and how to change your thinking to open the flood gates of income with this high-energy eBook.

Make Millions While You Sleep

Making Millions While You Sleep eBook - More Tips From A Wealthy Entrepreneur On How To Make BIG Money In Any Economy! (A $9.99 Value)

It's true! You can make money, even millions of dollars, all while you sleep, vacation, and play. This insightful eBook delivers incredible step-by-step details on how to create wealth without even leaving your bed.


A FREE 12-Month Subscription to my Award Winning Formula For Becoming a Millionaire eNewsletter
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I'm So Confident My Formula For Becoming A Millionaire
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I am so certain that Secrets of the Millionaire Inside will provide you with a real, functional
plan for becoming a millionaire that I am willing to guarantee it for a full 30 days.

Read and evaluate the complete program for a 30 full days, and if for any reason
you feel that the information contained in Secrets of the Millionaire Inside
isn't worth at least 10 times the purchase price, I'll promptly refund your full
investment, no questions asked.

Paul McCormick

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Paul McCormick

Paul McCormick, The Millionaire Mentor™

P.S. - Don't forget that this entire program is backed by my 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so your order is risk free. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason within 30 days, I will cancel your order and issue a prompt refund of the full purchase price, no questions asked, and no hassles given.

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